Star Forge Server – Republic & Imperial

Active on both the Republic and Imperial side on the Star Forge server, Remnants of Hope was
originally based in Star Wars Galaxies since 2009, and established themselves in Star Wars: The Old
Republic during the launch of the game in 2011. <Remnants of Hope> Republic side and <Vestige of
Despair> Imperial side. Our community-focused guild offers Social Events, Galactic Seasons runs,
Achievement hunting, PvE like world bosses or Flashpoints, Story Mode and Veteran Mode operations,
Galactic Starfighter, PvP Seasons groups for both Warzones and Arenas, and Roleplay nights.

Active Community

  • 140+ active members in-game.
  • 20+ SWTOR Volunteers & Assistants.
  • “Play how you want” – Many different play-styles represented.
  • 7pm EST – 12am EST for most events, but players on during all parts of the day.
  • Respectful, mature, community-focused atmosphere, all walks of life welcome.
  • Highly organized leadership structure and event support.
  • Multi-game community.


  • 16+ Scheduled Events you can join per week.
  • Extremely active Discord chat server and calendar.
  • Optional friendly Voice Chat.
  • Find-a-friend program to find a buddy to play with.
  • 15-20 Active players online during prime-time.
  • Active and engaged volunteers and event leaders.
  • “PvX” (Player vs Everything) Guild, focused on community.

Player vs Environment (PvE)

  • PvE Officer & Assistants to co-ordinate events.
  • All members welcome, regardless of gear or experience.
  • Active operations and casual PvE on both factions.
  • Scheduled operations and sign-ups starting between 7-9 EST weekly.
  • Options for new PvE players to try out higher end raiding.
  • Two progression teams running Galactic Seasons events.
  • Achievement Hunting events for rare group achievements.

Player vs Player (PvP)

  • Dedicated PvP nights lead by the PvP team for both Warzone and Arenas.
  • All members welcome to join PvP groups, regardless of skill level.
  • Experienced PvPers available to give advice and answer questions.
  • Work towards PvP Seasons progression with other friendly players.
  • Weekly Galactic Starfighter nights.

Roleplay (RP)

  • Guild-wide respect for roleplaying, but no requirement to join in.
  • Weekly in-game Roleplay events offered by our RP team, Republic and Imperial side.
  • Character Sheet Help & Review, lore advice.
  • Experienced roleplayers leading events – jump in to roleplay or observe and learn more first.

Crafting and Social

  • Crafting Officer manages Guild Bank, Guild Funds, Conquests, Guild Perks and our Flagship on both factions and alt guilds.
  • Large & loaded Guild Bank with items, gear and funds.
  • ‘Prize Tab’ in vault for guild-hosted contests and events.
  • Republic & Imperial Flagships with crafting amenities for easy use by all members.
  • Screenshot of the Week and Screenshot guessing game weekly in discord contest.
  • Monthly Stronghold / Fashion events and competition.


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    Decide that we’re
    right for you

    Remnants of Hope is full of
    members who want
    to play together in a
    friendly community.

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    Sign-up on our
    forums, then fill out
    an application so we
    can get to know you.
    Our recruitment
    committee will
    review it and get
    back to you!

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    Complete your 2-
    week trial period

    As a trial member,
    become acquainted
    with the community
    by introducing
    yourself, exploring
    our Discord and
    participating in guild

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    Become a Full

    Once you pass your
    trials and our
    Division leaders
    vote on your
    acceptance, you
    become a full
    member of the

Multi-Gaming Guild

Once you have completed your trials, you can also easily join us in all of our other gaming divisions
without any extra work. Our guild officially players:

  • Elder Scroll Online
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • Guild Wars 2
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic
  • World of Warcraft