Remnants of Hope

AETHER (North America) – Jenova Server


Remnants of Hope <RoH> is big enough to support all game modes, but cozy enough to care about you! Our FFXIV Division is part of an inclusive, well-organized, and democratic gaming community which has been around since 2009. We welcome players of all ages, genders, abilities, and playstyles. We are most active 5-midnight Eastern time but have members across North America and the world who play at a variety of times.

Active Community

  • 120+ active members in-game.
  • Volunteers across 5 departments.
  • “Play how you want” – Many different play-styles represented.
  • 7pm EST – 12am EST for most events, but players on during all parts of the day.
  • Respectful, mature, community-focused atmosphere, all walks of life welcome.
  • Highly organized leadership structure and event support.
  • Multi-game community.


  • Numerous daily events throughout the week.
  • Extremely active Discord chat server and calendar.
  • Optional friendly Voice Chat.
  • Spoiler-free communications.
  • 15-20 Active players online during prime-time.
  • Active and engaged volunteers and event leaders.

Player vs Everything (PvX)

  • Eureka.
  • EX trials.
  • Mount Farming.
  • Treasure Map Mayhem.
  • Duty Roulettes.

Roleplay (RP)

  • Well developed and engaging Story-based RP nights with an overarching plot extending multiple weeks.
  • Social RP Nights.
  • Clear RP Guidelines for new and experienced Roleplayers.
  • Active and engaged RP focused on inclusivity.
  • Easy to learn, job-based ruleset and character sheet system
  • A truly collaborative narrative woven by everyone involved

House & Recreation

  • Treasure Map Mayhem.
  • Large FC House in Empyreum.
  • Prizes and Giveaways.
  • Chocobo Stabling.


  • Crafting Guides/Advice.
  • Ocean Fishing & Other Crafting based events.
  • Gathering/Crafting Services.
  • Crafting Lotto (coming soon).


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    Decide that we’re
    right for you

    Remnants of Hope is full of
    members who want
    to play together in a
    friendly community.

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    Apply on Our

    Sign-up on our
    forums, then fill out
    an application so we
    can get to know you.
    Our recruitment
    committee will
    review it and get
    back to you!

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    Complete your 2-
    week trial period

    As a trial member,
    become acquainted
    with the community
    by introducing
    yourself, exploring
    our Discord and
    participating in guild

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    Become a Full

    Once you pass your
    trials and our
    Division leaders
    vote on your
    acceptance, you
    become a full
    member of the

Multi-Gaming Guild

Once you have completed your trials, you can also easily join us in all of our other gaming divisions
without any extra work. Our guild officially players:

  • Elder Scroll Online
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • Guild Wars 2
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic
  • World of Warcraft